Day 365. Lift Off.

When I took my airline seat beside my husband just twelve hours after our wedding, I burst into tears.  I felt the weight of thirty-one years lift from my shoulders.  It was the start of a fresh chapter, and I was the author.  The date was September 6, 2005.  It was thirty-one years after my birth and the happiest day of my life.

Today is January 15, 2013.  I am lifting off – for the second time.  My husband and I have two children, ages six and three. For the last eight years, I have worked as a real estate developer.  Previously, I was a marketing person and a student. Today I become an unpaid mother, wife, individual, person, human being.  A friend of mine who, like me, transformed from a full-time, paid professional to an unpaid human being, has always struggled when completing the blank beside the word “Profession” on any form.  I’ve never really understood her struggle – until today. 

It’s now six am.  I’ve finished my first cup of coffee.  I have an exciting day before me.  I feel lucky and amazing.  THREE…TWO…ONE…


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