A poem can be a snapshot.  A polaroid.  A moment preserved for the pleasure of reliving somewhere further down the line.

Ted Kooser took this snapshot and shared it in Delights and Shadows:

“A Glimpse of the Eternal”

Just now,
a sparrow lighted
on a pine bough
right outside
my bedroom window
and a puff
of yellow pollen
flew away.

I once had the privilege of attending a reading by Ted Kooser.  As much as he tried to lower the volume of his genius, it came blasting out at his audience.  He read his poems in a quiet voice – so quiet I had to lean in to hear him.  But his voice needs no microphone.  When I awoke yesterday morning thinking about Ted Kooser’s poems, I jotted this down:

“6:13 am”

light streaming
through a crack in the door
projected an image
on the blackened wall
five gray squares stacked from floor to ceiling
a high rise tower
the top leaning into the night sky

Mr. Kooser, please accept this sludge as my expression of gratitude.  Please keep taking polaroids and sharing them with us.  And don’t leave the house without your camera.


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