Love Letter # 5

Dear Y,

There are never enough moments with you.  There are never enough laughs.  There are never enough quiet evenings in our cocoon.

I love our Saturdays.  I awaken, and, if you are not by my side, I know exactly where to find you.  You will be sitting in your brown leather chair, wearing your wool-lined slippers, reading the papers.  As I lean over the sink to brush my teeth, I can feel you one floor below me, just as I feel my heart beating in my chest.

Can you be nostalgic about today?  Can you be nostalgic about days to come?

Tonight we piled on K’s bed and read stories from Winnie the Pooh.  You held the book on your knees, and I rested my head on your shoulder.  K did too.  M pushed her toes into your calf.  We nestled together like a family of ferrets.  If I could capture our life in a snow globe, I would capture that moment – all of us coiled together and caring nothing of the world outside.

On the day we married, you gave me wings.  I’ve been flying ever since.  We work hard, we make mistakes, and we learn.  There is never enough.

I’m so glad we stepped in the canoe together.




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