One Fool’s Fun

Did you ever have a day when you wanted to be an entirely different person?  I wrote this poem on one of those days.

The Skin I’m In

The skin I’m in
Ain’t right
Too tight

The skin I’m in
Too thin

The skin I’m in
Ain’t mine
Don’t shine

The skin I’m in
Keep me from twinklin’

I wanna

But I can’t do that
In this old skin

Kind of a downer, right?  But it was fun to write.  Playing with new voices is like trying on hats.  Some look outrageous, some look gorgeous, and some you’d never wear out of the house.  Even if you don’t find anything you like, it’s fun to shop.  I’m not sure I’ll keep this voice, but it was fun to try it on.


One thought on “One Fool’s Fun

  1. denisecordingley

    I LOVE this poem…Are u thinking of MM while writing this? I can see the twirls,sways and spins in the baby skin twinklin’!!!


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