Poetry on Command

In honor of National Poetry Month, I’ve decided to write seven poems in seven days.  It’s rough – and humiliating!  Reading poetry helps.  So does keeping your eyes open and your mind clear.  Thankfully, I’m on vacation.

Today’s attempt is a revision of a poem I wrote a month ago.  They say that most writing is rewriting.  But when do you stop rewriting?  Will the Revision Fairy appear, tap you on the shoulder with her silver wand, and deem the poem Final?

This little nightmare is a long way from a wand tap, but she’s all I’ve got for Day Four of my challenge.

Loose Borders

Step to me lightly
Don’t rush in

Don’t bang down my door
Knock softly

Don’t blast your secrets in my ear
I have plenty of my own
What do I need of yours

Don’t drop into my lap
lest we go crashing through the floor
and send our foundations flying

Let me keep to my dreams
and you keep to yours

And maybe someday we’ll meet
beyond our borders
in no-man’s land

Until then
Time will sail on
with or without us
as we are now
or as we will be

Step to me lightly
Don’t rush in
And let’s just see

The Revision Fairy is perched on my shoulder, and she just whispered in my ear, “Keep rewriting.  I’ll be back later – don’t wait up.”



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