A New Poet

Have you ever read an original manuscript?  As a college student, I saw one of Jane Austen’s notebooks in the British Library.  What a thrill to be inches away from the site of her creation – as if I could see the ink drying on the pages.

Yesterday I held in my hand another writer’s original manuscript.  It was a book of twenty-two poems.  The work is fresh and imaginative. Like most published books of poetry, it includes a dedication, table of contents, and biography.  As you read the biography, you will note one important detail: The poet is nine years old.  Her name is Hannah.  I like to call her Super Hannah.

Super Hannah studied poetry at school and, at the encouragement of her teachers and parents, decided to produce her own book of poetry.  Hannah has chosen a writer’s life.  She is in the habit of chronicling her adventures.  She has always kept a journal.  She oozes with creativity.

With Hannah and her parents’ permission, I would like to share two of my favorite poems from Hannah’s book:

The Eaten Apples

My dog ate apples
I don’t know why he did
They ripped all his teeth out,
And then he ran and hid
I guess he did not want me to see
But really how bad could those teeth be?


A lights life is a bore.
A light switch is always sore

Hannah is playing with words.  She is experimenting with language and form.  She is building her creative muscles.  How exciting!  How wonderful!  How super, Hannah.  Keep writing, every day.  Keep playing with words.  Keep creating, expressing, exploring, and examining.  Enjoy words.  I’ll be the first in line at your book-signing.


2 thoughts on “A New Poet

  1. denisecordingley

    Ali…What an adorable idea to include “Super Hannah” . I loved her poems; and I loved that you thought of doing this. What a thrill for a young writer!
    bises xoxoo

  2. Susan

    Thanks, Ali . . . Hannah was thrilled that you liked her poems and especially that they inspired you to write a post. In typical “Super Hannah” fashion, she really didn’t see what the big deal was with the poetry book. After all, she said, “doesn’t everyone do stuff like that?” She doesn’t realize that she is particularly driven, motivated, creative, super! She just assumes that all people are out expressing themselves and getting positive feedback as a result. Wouldn’t it be great if that were the case? For now, we will just let Hannah believe that is how the world works.

    Kudos to you, Ali, for the form of self-expression you have undertaken with this blog! I follow it religiously and have been so inspired by many of the posts. It’s one of the highlights of my Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings!


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