Lady Yellow Slippers, Part I

Feel like a story?  I’ve been tinkering with this one, and I’d like to share Part I:

Fleur stands with her bare feet in the surf and her head turned toward the sun.  Without turning her head, she asks, “Does she see us?”

Marguerite answers, “I can’t tell yet.”

“What’s she doing?”

“She just finished jogging.  She’s walking now, with that i-thing in her ears.  She likes to listen to music when she jogs.”

“I’d listen to Verdi.”

“She’s not listening to Verdi.  Maybe the Bee Gees.  We used to listen to them on the record player, in the brown apartment.”

“Move closer, before the next wave comes in.”

“Look, she’s sitting down on the sand.  I wonder what she’s thinking.”

“You never knew what she was thinking.  That was your problem.”

“That’s how it was with us, too.”

“Move closer.  Make sure the light catches your legs.”

“I think she’s crying.”

“What does she have to cry about?  Nothing.”

“Let’s go back now.  Maybe she’ll see us tomorrow.”


One thought on “Lady Yellow Slippers, Part I

  1. denisecordingley

    Les Bee Gees avec les murs marron…ca me dit quelquechose!!!!
    J’adore les noms que tu as bien choisi, Fleur et Marguerite!!!!
    Maintenant, je suis tres curieuse….il faut continuer.
    Ta mere qui t’aime enormement xoox


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