Distracted Driving

Having (re)made my peace with poetry, I scribbled this in my notebook:

More Please

I’d like to fill a bathtub with words
and soak in them

I’d like to pour words on a bed
and roll around in them

I’d like to string words, popcorn, and dried cranberries
and decorate the mantel with them

I’d like to pile words on a sugar cone
and lick them as they melt down the sides

I’d like to stuff words in a piñata
and beat it until they come bursting out

I’d like to fill a pot with words
and heat it to a boil

If only I had a better vocabulary

Well, it’s a (re)start.  It came to me as I waited for a traffic light to turn green.  If I had hit a stop sign, who knows what would have happened.  I’ll tell you one thing:  it’s just plain fun to write and drive.  It sure beats spilling your coffee on your pants.


3 thoughts on “Distracted Driving

  1. denisecordingley

    Bravo, Ali! Ton poeme est adorable et tres facile a comprendre …Il me plait beaucoup.
    Tu n’ecris pas en conduisant, j’espere!!! (Ta Mere Poule)
    ta maman qui t’aime enormement


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